Monday, June 29, 2015

Let San Jose urgent care help your stay safe during the Bubble Run!

Since 2013, the annual Bubble Run has been a huge part San Jose’s “fun-run” options. And on June 13th it’s time to get together for another one! We’ve all heard of the traditional 5K races, but the Bubble Run is a 3-mile wonderland of foam that has no expectations, except for you to just come out and have good clean fun! Described as a “giant effervescent party” the Bubble Run is an all day event that includes an after-race party with DJ’s and plenty of fun for the entire family. Although the Bubble Run doesn’t brand itself as a competitively timed race the risk of injury is still possible. Preparing for a long, fun day of exercising out in the sun will serve you well and keep you safe throughout the entire event. Staying hydrated with plenty of fluids will ensure you and your family will have a day to remember. A lot of injuries take place when we least expect it, so being prepared to handle those instances will also help to make sure you’ll be able to avoid any long-term injuries

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